Check list for Neighborhood Tree Planting Projects

Tree plan must be submitted to Public Works for review and should contain the following elements;

  1. A drawing or sketch with the type of trees
  2. A sample notification letter to the residents impacted by the proposed plan,
  3. An estimated schedule for the project
    Examples: Scanned Image, PDF, Digital Image, Google Image

The criteria the plan will be evaluated for by Public Works include;

  • Selection of accepted species of trees based on the city’s tree plan
  • Evaluation of the mature tree’s characteristic height and width and the intended use determine the final spacing requirements
  • Identification of any potential hazards, overhead and underground utilities, sidewalks and wheel chair accessibility, driveway locations, other landscape features, tree lawn widths, signage conflicts, streetlights, visibility hazards, and land use patterns
  • No raised planter box or anything that impedes the free flow of water will be installed at any time around the tree
  • Tree planting of any type shall be prohibited within ten (10) feet of a drain inlet, fire hydrant, and/or utility box.
  • Root barriers are required in areas where sidewalks are currently in place.
  • Once a tree is planted the applicant is responsible for watering the tree within 24 hours with 20 gallons of water and at one week intervals for a period of 2 years.
  • If a tree dies with three years of being planted the applicant is responsible for its removal

If the plan is approved the Applicant must complete the following list prior to beginning work;

  • Notification of impacted residents
  • Tennessee one call must be contacted and utilities marked prior to beginning work
  • Selection of an excavation or landscape contractor to excavate the holes
  • Permits to work in the right of way must be obtained from the public Works Permit Office by the Group prior to beginning the project
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